"Holly" Kitchen Table

The Holly is a variation of the Firm Table.  It is smaller and fits well in kitchens and breakfast nooks.  It can be made in many different combinations of wood and metal to make it compliment a wide range of decor.  It has been made in bar height, counter height, and normal dining table height. It is 30" Wide and 42" Long.  Below is pictured with a Satin Black painted frame and Brushed Stainless top, and a Satin Gray painted frame with a Zebra Wood finished top.
"Firm" Conference Table

The Firm conference table is an 92" or 116" long table that has a metal base made from 2" steel and a 14g sheet metal top with a 2" reveal.  It has a satin powdercoated finish for durability in the most strenuous commercial environments. It is 36" Wide and 30" Tall.
"Spun" Dining Table

The Spun table is a very unique table that will definitely set itself apart from other tables.  It has spun steel legs with a finished wooden top.  The top has rounded corners and the legs come up and continue around the edge of the ends and under the edge of the sides.  It is 36" Wide, 60" Long, and 30" Tall.
"Firm" Dining Table

The Firm dining table is a smaller version of the Firm conference table.  It has a 2" steel frame and a 14g sheet metal top with a 2" reveal.  It is powdercoated in various colors for durability and longevity. It is 30" Wide, 60" or 72" Long, and 30" Tall.
"Inward" Table

The Inward table is a table that has had many functions.  It has been used as a conference table for a realty firm, it has been used as a dining table for a handful of homes, and it has even been used as a desk for a showroom.  It has two L shaped legs that face each other and a 1 1/2" wood top.  It is 30" Wide, 72" Long and 30" Tall.
"Trinity" Dining Table

The Trinity table is a counter height dining table.  It has a 2" square steel base and a 1 1/2" finished wood top with rounded corners.  It is 36" Wide, 60" Long and 36" Tall.
"Dover" Kitchen Table

The Dover is a smaller kitchen table that is 42" by 30" and 30" Tall.  There is a 2" square steel frame with a 1/2" tempered glass top.
"Butcher" Kitchen Island

The Butcher is a custom made 4" thick end grain butcher block on top of a stainless frame.  The frame has a lower pot shelf and a side towel rack / handle.  It is placed on wheels for easy maneuverability around the kitchen when needed. It is 24" Wide, 32" Long and 35" Tall.