Knack Fab is a shop based on good values and honest products. We build custom furniture, art, and practical items out of metal, wood, concrete, glass, upholstery, and combinations of all.  But Knack Fab is more than that. 
Yes, we have a strong passion for quality furniture and great designs.  But more than that, we have an even greater passion for the people groups of this world that are in desperate need of the items most of us just take for granted.  This company was founded and is run with one real goal, to make a difference.  Knack Fab is not a not-for-profit organization, but we try our best to run it like it is.  After the company bills are paid and the employees are able to eat, the rest of the income goes to fund international aid.  A couple times a year we shut the shop down and travel around the world to help end living conditions that should not exist.
In mid 2013, a trip went to a remote village in the Dominican Republic to help build an orphanage and community center for around 200 children.  The children in this remote village live in absolute poverty with not food, no clean water, and nowhere to call home.  This trip was part of an effort to remedy this for those children.

Here is a photo of Matt using a stick welder to weld up some of the metal trusses that will be used to hold the roof up.  There is a large common area in the middle of the orphanage plan that will be used as a community gathering room.  It will be able to house well over 200 children during meal times, be able to be used as a gym during the rainy season, become a shelter for people in the village during rough weather, and be able to house a growing church within the village that is currently meeting under a mango tree.

Matt with a group of men from within the village that were hired to help with the build.  There are an abundance of men willing to work in this region of the DR but jobs are very few and pay very little.  So paying a group of local guys during the building process helps directly support the families within that community.

The roof going up.

We do enjoy producing good quality furniture.  But we thrive on the idea of allowing people to custom order and receive high quality goods that are produced with the sole purpose of helping make this world a better place for the people that are truly in need.  It is a real excitement of ours to see people from all over the country pulling together to help.  Every order that is placed with Knack Fab is a commitment to better the lives of people that truly need it.  So not only are we offering great products, we are offering a partnership to reach out and make a difference.  Lets partner and watch the world become a better place.