Knack Fab is a very close knit group of people that work very well together.  As a company, we are very fortunate to have such a creative and hard working core of people to build and grow upon.  Below is the list of those people and something that we feel is worthy of bragging about.
Owner and C.E.O.
Matthew Jones
The extensive fabrication background and creative initiative that Matt possesses is matched by very few others.  Matt started showing artistic traits at a young age and looked for ways to express himself in many different venues.  He was never satisfied with just one creative outlet.  He not only dabbles in a select few outlets, he has become accomplished in most everything he shows interest in.  From becoming a published photographer to building award winning custom show cars, Matt has excelled in many areas.  He is married to an incredible woman that is far from average.  They have huge hearts and have a passion for traveling the world and doing what they can to make it a better place to live for the unfortunate.
Amber Jones
There are not very many people out there that are like Amber.  She is one of those people that you could easily describe as someone that "loves out loud".  Affecting the underprivileged in our world is what she seems to thrive on the most.  From being a counselor at a camp for physically abused children to volunteering at a center of hope for the intercity children of Pittsburgh, she just seeks to make a difference. 

Amber grew up in NC for the most of her life and still lives in Winston Salem, NC with her husband of 5+ years.  She loves animals of all kinds and has a dream of helping orphans in third world countries.
Shop Foreman
Kyle Jones
This is one very honest and very hard working individual.  His fabrication background started in the airplane industry and his passion and knowledge for building quality items grew from there.  He now runs the day to day shop and makes sure that all items are produced and shipped out in the highest quality and a timely fashion. 

While in the aerospace industry, he built a strong working knowledge of not only the right techniques and equipment to use for the job, but he was held to some of the highest quality standards of any fabrication industry in the world.  That quality standard has been continued into the furniture industry here at Knack Fab.
Technical Adviser
David Icenhour
David has done only one thing professionally his whole life, fabricate metal.  He has 36 years and counting in the metal fabrication field.  Many individuals and companies in the metal industry consider David a master metal worker.  He is not the most artistic person, just very practical and creative at making designs work.  There are many designers out there that draw up furniture plans that just can not be built practically to work as designed.  David can take those designs and come up with a way to flat out make things work.

David does not work for Knack Fab, he is just often in the loop on how a certain design can come together and accomplish what it is meant to do.  He lends advice and is a very large part of the success of this company.
Wise Counsel
Matthew Peterson
We strongly believe that there are individuals that have gone before us and have learned valuable lessons.  We are very open to heed the advise of those individuals that have gone through trails and have handled them in the right way and have come out the other side.  Matthew Peterson is that individual for us here at Knack Fab.

Among founding and  running a not-for-profit organization that helps provide clean drinking water for people all over Africa, Matthew has worked in the intelligence side of the U.S. government and currently is the head pastor of a thriving church in North Carolina.  He is easily one of the most amazing people we have had the honor of meeting.  His reputation and his visible love for the world around him speak for themselves and let you know of the real character that dwells inside of him.

Matthew is an extremely wise man and has a very honest and true insight when it comes to making business decisions.  Here at Knack Fab, we do not take his advise lightly.  Every decision we are faced with and every change in direction that the company takes is first laid on his desk.  He is a very vital part of this company and truly helps keep us on the right track.  We strive to keep our focus on not just making good quality furniture, but knowing that we can also choose to do the right thing and help change our world for the better.