Knack Fab is a fabrication shop that builds items on a daily basis for the end user that wants an item made in the highest of quality and craftsmanship.  But we are also a shop that helps out the small design firm get the one custom piece their client is looking for and a shop that bench makes full lines of custom items in quantities for the larger showrooms, firms, and high end restaurants that have a large client base.

We take pride in building at the highest quality, but also take pride in meeting strict turn around times of large quantities of items. We take orders daily and have a full running shop.  We have large showrooms that we work with all over the nation.  We meet their large orders in a very quick turnaround time and make that one custom item for that picky client that is impossible to please. 


Our branded items can have your company name and information attached to it, packed in your box and sealed with your brand or packing tape, and even shipped straight to your customer with no knowledge of us being in the loop.  We do not send our company information or pricing to your end client.  They will receive a package that has your information and company paperwork attached.


To get us started on your small or large branded items, email our branding department.