Knack Fab is a complete furniture and design shop in wood, metal, glass, concrete and light upholstery specializing in high end, custom made mixed media pieces. Even though quality furniture that is made in America is no longer the norm, Knack Fab is still based in the epicenter of what used to be the furniture production capital of the world, North Carolina. We take pride in using American made tools and materials to produce bench-made products that have no equal.


Our products have a strong reputation not only because of a great design and practical use, our items are built to last. The furniture we take pride in is meant to be passed down to children and grandchildren. There are great designers out there and great looking furniture in many other shops across this country, but not very many can boast the type of quality we pass on to our clients. The items we pass on are made for everyday use and to last for years to come.  Bring some of our furniture home and watch the whole atmosphere of your house change.

A large production factory that pushes out thousands of pieces a day is not what we are or what we strive to be. We touch and hand build every item that leaves our studio.  Building furniture is not just a job for us, it is our passion.  Every piece that sits on our work bench is given all the time it needs and all the detail it deserves.  We have a very strenuous inspections department that spends quality time with every item produced in our studio and let nothing go that is not of the highest quality standards.


Take a look around the site to see what we do and what we have to offer. Also, go over to the "About" page and the "Charity" page on our site and see what we are truly about and how we like to give back.  A portion of every item we sell here at Knack Fab goes to help those in need.  Join us and lets make a difference where it is needed most.